Plan B

Plan B

I am careless in your bed -  

it must be the crease in the mattress 

where we always find ourselves 

falling into one another.  


Tell me, why would I just lay here 

when I could have my tongue  

trace across your skin? 

I want to taste every part of you 


So, let’s just get the job done.  

There’s no time to waste -  

I have to be home soon 

for dinner with my family.  


You kiss my shoulder  

and work your way down from there - 

your chapped lips scratching my skin, 

my body twitching in anticipation.  


Though, nothing good lasts for long, 

and now the condom lays misshapen  

on the floor - torn suddenly in two, 

like our bodies taking opposite sides of the bed.  


There will be no tears this time, 

Only the sound of your voice in my head, 

saying that this is your fault and yet

my body will suffer the consequence.  





Writer's Block

Writer's Block