I KEEP WALKING because my body knows nothing but to put one foot

in front of the other over and over and over again       The tide is coming in and it’s coming for

me Water is nipping at my toes   pestering me to be with it

Large stones block the beach   I can’t get through only over in a clamber and I’m running

out of time      My jeans are wet  they cling to me   The water is weighing me down        

I can’t go any faster It’s coming for me

I can taste salt on my lips      I don’t know if it’s from the sea or from my tears      I wish

we had stayed together We should have taken the road      The tide was too close

to begin with      I can see the end but I can’t see him anymore     

It’s getting closer   begging me now to join it      The stones have less will power than I

they become consumed by it and make the journey harder      I can’t go any faster

I need him here   can’t make it to the other side without him

But I can’t see him anywhere       I have salt in my eyes and my mouth      It’s here

We should have just stayed together     I can’t see him anywhere

I wonder if he’s let the sea take him     start to think maybe I should too

3:39 a.m.

3:39 a.m.