A Night at Waterloo Bridge

A Night at Waterloo Bridge

We are embryonic

Curled up as we are

Nestled together for warmth

For fear of the great black

Broken though it is by city lights.

There is safety in Numbers

And we are not Alone.

I curl up to you my friend

Piled high with the blankets we’ve found along the way.

My head sits squarely in the belly of a drum

And when I speak I sing,

It has become my lungs.

My Head stuck in a drum

My feet stick out bellow

Toes facing skyward

To the dark starless expanse

Of London’s Night.

We are nestled

As creatures would

We huddle and we dream

Though sleepless does this night unfold

Our dreams just wont give up

And they twist and turn and dance above our heads

And paint in the blackness a vision of the future

Where life still stands strong

Where humans swim in rivers thick with fish

And forests are alive with the songs of birds that don’t even yet exist

Or perhaps we’ve never heard.

The air is thick with these dreams

These hopes these needs these wants.

You can feel it as you walk through here.

Suspended above the water

We are a floating city

We have built our own Cathedral.

This church does not have walls

There are no alters here

Just the bodies

Human Tree and Art

And the Network of Love we have drawn up from the Earth.

If you go

Quietly though

For there are people sleeping here -

And walk amongst the midnight forms

You will find there secret treasures.

There is the playground

Strewn about with toys and the wonders of imagining.

There is the Kitchen

With pots of boiling tea always on the go

And where the smells of sweet cooking hangs on the cold river air like a hymn.

Here are the plant pots

Filled with green and red and blue

The boiling overflowing kiss of life.

There is the tent of blankets hugs and biscuits

Of comfort and of warmth

Wellbeing written in dark blue upon the cloth.

Keep on going


Past the stage with the slumbering musicians

A violin and drum kit resting on the steps

Up and Up

Along the edges

You can look down at the waters

Aglow with Urban lights

And breath it in.

What is missing? Where is that acrid choking smoke?

There are no exhaust fumes here

Though incense you might find

And the warm and wrinkled smells of Lovers all entwined.

Move up through the masses

Small and silent slip

Up to the front lines

The battleground

Where peaceful action sits.

Some here are still awake

Though the sun has long since set

And they sit cross legged drinking tea

Whispering together.

You have come to the Heart Line

The place that holds us here.

This is where we give ourselves

Surrender for the cause.

This is where we laugh



In the face of all our flaws.

Stay here for a while. Breathe it in a bit. Come morning you will see

the wonder

As the people rise

Like water

And this world here comes alive.

Music plays

And children play

And adults hold hands as one.

We sit and sing

And lie and cry

And wont let the world go tumbling by

Without at least looking.

At least giving it a go.

There is magic here

You’ll see

And sacrifice

And truth.

Join us in the chance

This moment is just once.

Rise up with the Rebellion.

We are here to Rebel for Life.

I am the Sudan Revolution

I am the Sudan Revolution

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