She's Perfect

Hannah Petch writes a poem about the relationship between body image and the beauty standards that society perpetuates. The poem is accompanied by the original artwork of Nia Jones.

I am M.E

Sophia Lobanov-Rostovsky writes a poem about recovering from chronic illness. The piece is followed up by an informative essay about M.E, the illness at the heart of the work. Sophia’s own original design accompanies the poem.

Left on Read

Hannah Petch writes a poem about dating and relationships, exploring the toxicity that social media and dating apps can bring to them. The piece is accompanied by the original graphic design of Sophia Lobanov-Rostovsky.

Manqué in the Mirror

In this poem, Caroline Batson examines the experience of Imposter Syndrome. She considers the disassociation of self by exploring the negative damage of self-doubt, and the positive action of self-belief. Imposter Syndrome can affect anybody but it remains historically prevalent amongst women, with many female role models such as Dr. Maya Angelou and Emma Watson noting that they have fallen victim to it.

Sex Pest

Nadia wrote this poem to reflect the humour, fun and concern that came from a late night talk with a friend when discussing teenage sexual pressure, objectification and actions that so often get dismissed as immature or annoying. The piece explores the line between assault and ‘bad behaviour’, whilst acknowledging that these are not rare experiences but those shared by most women.


Never fitting the western mold for beauty and popularity, Nadia Freeman writes about feeling invisible and inadequate as a Woman of South Asian descent in New Zealand and how small changes are important for progress.

Show up.

Katharina Repnik’s poem addresses the self-doubt that becomes part of an artists’ creative process. It describes the deep desires for creation, connection, and the importance of allowing and holding space for yourself. Photography credits belong to John Lyall.

Letter to the child that I'm planning not to conceive.

Nadia Freeman's poem raises her personal feelings on whether to choose motherhood and highlights the concerns that all women face before deciding to have children. Nadia is pictured above performing spoken word. She will be attending Mxogyny’s poetry slam on the 29th March 2019 to present some of her original work to Edinburgh’s local community.


Max Olivia writes a poem about the joyful ache of still loving her ex. The poem is accompanied by the original artwork of Tabby Carless Frost.