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She Can't Half Talk

In the run-up to the world renowned Fringe Festival, Mxogyny offers an excerpt from the five star monologue show, She Can't Half Talk, written by Sally MacAlister; consisting of five monologues, the play explores and cross-examines the role of gender and sexuality in the modern day, through unusual lenses. Here, The Foetus comes to terms with her own opinion on abortion and the rights of her mother.

Womanhood in Fragments

A tribute to my grandma: a wonderful soul, amazing friend and the truest laughing yogi. Monika Jurczyk portrays a woman who was strong, brave and always positive through her work which will be featured in Edinburgh’s SHE___. exhibition.

Home for Christmas

As part of the SHE____. exhibition - an Edinburgh-based art showcase that celebrates every-day women - we provide a one-off feature of Tom Forster’s photography. The piece emphasises the strength of female workers in the NHS.