Body of Work: Experimental Collages

Body of Work: Experimental Collages

Charlie Ball is a History of Art student progressing onto a Masters in Photography. Her work often explores the features of the everyday which go unnoticed or focuses on the simple moments of human interaction. This series of collages explores how what is presented in the media affects the world we live in.


There is a long history in the relationship between female hysteria and female oppression; women are labelled as crazy and hysterical by simply being passionate. There is no level playing field between genders. This collage interprets what actually makes a woman “hysterical” is trying to fit in to what the past and oppression has required of a woman. Trying to fit into those requirements that aren’t what you want will take its toll.

Hysteria, 2019

Hysteria, 2019

Body of Work

What makes a body a body ? There is so much emphasis on defining who you are and what you are but how much does it actually matter ? The emphasis on needing to know what you are I think can negatively affect an individuals understanding of what it means to be alive. Societal boundaries and expectations are still in dire need of change in order for people to understand there’s more to a person than their body.

Body of Work,  2019

Body of Work, 2019

Girls Against Groping

Groping with the hands, eyes, camera; it doesn’t matter. Inviting yourself to intimately touch a person without their permission has and never will be ok. A lot of people experience this and in order for it to stop cultural norms need to evolve. This piece was inspired by Gina Martin’s action of making up-skirting illegal in the UK. She is a hero of mine and shows how much we can help prevent perverted acts from happening and how everyone can make a change.

Girls Against Groping , 2019

Girls Against Groping, 2019


There is a lot of stigma around age and sexuality - why is being old so unappealing and fearful to people? Who says being sexually active when your old isn’t a thing? Ageing has become a taboo in our society and I think there needs to be consideration and acts to change the stigma against it.

Ageing , 2019

Ageing, 2019


Love is now such a complex term covering all sorts of things, its misinterpreted in sex and relationships and families. What i was trying to do with ‘surrounding’ is highlight loving yourself and a way of doing that is surrounding yourself in an environment you love. The visceral emotional of love should be considered more prominently in a persons life when things are busy.

Surrounding,  2019

Surrounding, 2019

Stitching: Feminine Resilience and Healing

Stitching: Feminine Resilience and Healing

Womanhood in Fragments

Womanhood in Fragments